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Find below the sims with which Hiroshima has close ties. I'd recommend you check them out!

USS Clepsydra
Obsidian Fleet's one and only timeship, the Clepsydra whisks through the cosmos and ages at breathtaking speed. A play-by-bulletin board sim, it's under the command of IFO's Captain Keegan Winter.

Obsidian Command
Obsidian Command is the HQ of Obsidian Fleet and not a shabby place to down a few Romulan Ales. They're illegal, though, so ask for Jimmy the Donkey. He'll sort you out. As might its CO, Admiral Delta Lindsay of the Joint Fleet Command (and Ella Brownstone of these environs).

SS Mary Rose
The Mary Rose is a member of Obsidian Fleet's IFO and one of the fleet's specialty civilian sims. A play-by-web sim, it's under the command of Rueben Gregnol.