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CO's Introduction

Welcome, and thank you for visiting the USS Hiroshima's website. My name is Evan Yearling; it's my honour to say that I'm Commanding Officer of this fine simulation.

The Hiroshima is the second Obsidian Fleet ship of that name and has the honour of being one of the fleet's flagships. Named for the city and prefecture of Hiroshima, Japan, this Vesta Class starship has a talented crew, arguably the most experienced in the fleet. The ship is always ready to meet any challenge. She is currently assigned to Obsidian Fleet's Independent Fleet Operations.

This simulation is a collective writing effort involving people from around the world, about a starship called Hiroshima and the life and times of its people. Each of the players involved writes a unique character they have designed to their wishes (within the rules, of course!) as part of a group storyline guided by the Commanding Officer and Executive Officer, experienced players who have been doing this for far too long. The result is a story with more variety, more excellence and more fun than could be achieved alone. Complementing this we have a system of awards and promotions to recognise excellence and effort - both being equally valued. The former are used to recognise specific achievements for the most part, whilst the latter are granted in favour of continued high standards and efforts. Thus, as well as the inherent fun of writing, there is something to aim for.

There are hundreds of similar writing groups on the Internet organised into what are known, generally, as 'fleets' - the Hiroshima is part of a larger organisation called Obsidian Fleet, one of the largest out there. The question could be posed, therefore: why should I join the USS Hiroshima? I'd like to say that it's the high standard of writing we have as a result of the efforts of our crew, or the warm, friendly welcome and subsequent support writers receive here, but it's also because we lack players with negative attitudes - yes, we're selective on who we accept, but in our view, with good reason, so as to maintain the community of writers having fun that we love. The Hiroshima doesn't care for politics, drama or conflict - just fun, friendship and quality community writing.

We've worked hard to make the site a useful one for our players and those thinking to join us alike, as well as the community at large. If you're a prospective player, we hope our pages will entice you to join us. (If they don't, and something puts you off, please tell us why so that we can fix it!) If you're a current player, well, you know we're happy to have you, and don't hesitate to drop us a line if you need us. If you're from another sim, we hope our content is of use - if you'd like to use something on your site, though, drop us a line and request permission first so that we know where our work is going.

If you have any questions we'll be happy to answer them through our brand-spanking-new contact form. I hope you've enjoyed reading this introduction and with a little luck, we'll be writing with you soon. :)

Captain Evan Yearling
Commanding Officer
USS Hiroshima NCC-70157-B