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Ens. Neil Graves


A footballer from his earliest days, Neil is a lean young man of middle-height and high physical endurance. Perfectly suited to running tirelessly across the soccer field on his free time, Neil's childhood passion for flight has led him to maintaining a trim form even after leaving the game behind.

(NPCed by al-Khalid)



Height/Weight: 5'10"/160 lbs
Hair/Eyes: Sable/Bistre
Birthdate: 2360
Species: Human/Betazoid






As the youngest of three, Neil has, for the most part, known the life of a typical human child. His father was an architect and his mother a home-maker, though their 'home' tended to move from place to place over the years - to the point that Neil is not quite sure just 'where' he comes from. He associates with Australia and South Africa, though there were stints in North America, Europe, and even - for a few short months - Luna colony. Through it all, Neil remained a cheerful, easy-going child. While not the first in his class, he was generally in the upper achievement levels of his grades - his passions leaning towards history and mathematics. He proved more than competent in sports - especially soccer, as the variety of trophies and commendations should prove- but if asked his true passion, that lay in the skies. Though his father's family was as Human as one could get, on his mother's side Neil was a quarter Betazoid. Through this inheritance he picked up a degree of empathic ability, though telepathy proved beyond his ken. This never bothered the boy - if anything it gave him a bit of an edge on the dating scene. Though he never pushed to go 'all the way', Neil was never wanting for a date. Neil's love of flight came from his maternal Grandfather. A test-pilot for both Starfleet vessels as well as private ventures, Anton Haddix would often be found with his young grandson tagging along. Though age retired him from the more dangerous activities, There were still plenty of opportunities to try out new shuttle designs, or to watch demonstrations. by time he was 13, Neil had co-piloted his first shuttle. It was no surprise that - except, perhaps to his coaches - upon graduating Highschool, Neil applied to the Flight program of Starfleet Academy.



Service Record: 





Mission Ribbons


Sim Awards

Sim of the Year (2008)Gold Unit Award of Merit (DEC 2008, JUL 2009, DEC 2012)Silver Unit Award of Merit (Jan 2006, Jan 2007, Jun 2008, Feb 2009, Mar 2011)Silver Unit Award of Merit (Sixth & Subsequent Awards - Feb 2012, October 2013, March 2017)Bronze Unit Award of Merit (March and September 2006, April 2007, July 2007, January 2008, March 2008, October 2008, June 2010)Bronze Unit Award of Merit (November 2014)
Obsidian Fleet Sim of the Month (Feb 2005)Joint Service Commendation Medal (Second Star for third Joint Mission) Tour of Duty: Romulan (Star for second award)Tour of Duty: KlingonTour of Duty: Deep SpaceTour of Duty: BreenTour of Duty: CardassianTour of Duty: Borg

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