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Lt. Peter Rochfort


Human male, born 2352, 5’10’’, brown hair, brown eyes. Entered Starfleet Academy 2370 and graduated 2374; transferred to the USS Hiroshima late 2379. An only child, Rochfort did well in school in most subjects but favoured mathematics and the sciences. Upon applying to and entering Starfleet Academy, he majored for three years in Science before an encounter with a faulty shuttlepod prompted him to switch to Engineering. As such, it took him slightly longer than usual to come to terms with any of his following ship assignments until his brief tour of duty at Utopia Planitia.

(NPCed by Yearling)


Sim Awards

Sim of the Year (2008)Gold Unit Award of Merit (DEC 2008, JUL 2009, DEC 2012)Silver Unit Award of Merit (Jan 2006, Jan 2007, Jun 2008, Feb 2009, Mar 2011)Silver Unit Award of Merit (Sixth & Subsequent Awards - Feb 2012, October 2013, March 2017)Bronze Unit Award of Merit (March and September 2006, April 2007, July 2007, January 2008, March 2008, October 2008, June 2010)Bronze Unit Award of Merit (November 2014)
Obsidian Fleet Sim of the Month (Feb 2005)Joint Service Commendation Medal (Second Star for third Joint Mission) Tour of Duty: Romulan (Star for second award)Tour of Duty: KlingonTour of Duty: Deep SpaceTour of Duty: BreenTour of Duty: CardassianTour of Duty: Borg

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